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Tutorial: Hand Fading Large Areas

Just a quick clip from a recent stream showing how I

Sons of Medusa Master of the Forge…on a bike!

Just wanted to share how amazing this conversion is coming along.

Tale of Painters: Enter the Citadel Series

  Over at the Tale of Painters blog, (one of my

Shoulder Pad Solution found!!

So this is amazing…I’ve been keeping kind of tight lipped about

Rusty Bases: My first attempt at dry pigments

After countlesss online tutorials, I decided to take my first crack


One thing I was super excited to do with my army

Nice SoM How-to Video

Cool how-to video from Lester over at  I know it’s

Weekend Update

So, I had some pretty decent progress this past weekend and

First Marine Complete

So the tester is complete. There are a few things that