What’s on my desk… Archive

WIP – Stormwall!!!

Boom goes the dynamite.  

WIP Emperors Children Heldrake

…something wicked this way comes. Primed and hand faded.

What’s on my desk: Centurions

Based and washed. These models are awesome. I’ve magged up the

Sons of Medusa Tac Sergeant

Free handed the banner on whim and wanted to post it!

What’s on my desk: Sons of Medusa Tacs

I’ve got Space Marine fever again!

What’s on my desk: Siege!!

Love this sculpt. It’s going to be nice!

What’s on my desk: Reinholdt

He’s a small guy with a huge role. An extra shot

What’s on my desk: Beautiful bases!

Stormbades so close to completion. These bases came out amazing.