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BFGCo working on WTC Graphics Package

Hey everyone.  You may have noticed us hyping an upcoming fundraiser

Awesome synopsis of Warmachine’s main story arc

With the impending release of Reckoning, I came across this really


Hey everyone.  Trying to get back into posting regularly again.  Quick

Limited Edition Eiryss sculpt

  So my birthday was this past week and my amazing

Tale of Painters: Enter the Citadel Series

  Over at the Tale of Painters blog, (one of my

Checking out Warmachine

So, I know you guys have seen how hyped I’ve been

Quick Personal Update

Sorry for being away for a bit.  It wasn’t without good

Weekend Update

So, I had some pretty decent progress this past weekend and

New Space Marine Decals Coming?

So I saw this link over on BoLS (via Tabletop Fix)