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Tutorial: Hand Fading Large Areas

Just a quick clip from a recent stream showing how I

Black Flag Battle: Kaelyssa vs. Nemo3

Check out this shellacking by Tony on his first night ever


Thunderhead is Cygnar’s OG character jack.  You don’t see him in

New PaintCast: Lord Commander Stryker

Here’s our latest stream that marks the beginning of our Epic

Part 2 of our Jonas Murdoch PaintCast

Here’s the video from the stream last night.  Thanks to everyone

Cygnar Storm Lances

For once, I’m not entirely happy with a unit.  I don’t

Cygnar Stormwall

As a pure embodiment of Cygnarian military might, the Stormwall Colossal

Hunter Light Jack

Whoa, long time no post, am I right?  (almost 3 months)

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages

  There were, basically, 2 units that sold me on starting