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Tutorial: Hand Fading Large Areas

Just a quick clip from a recent stream showing how I

Black Flag Battle: Kaelyssa vs. Nemo3

Check out this shellacking by Tony on his first night ever

BFGCo working on WTC Graphics Package

Hey everyone.  You may have noticed us hyping an upcoming fundraiser

Black Flag Battle: Cassius vs eHaley

Hey everyone.  So here’s our first decent video stream.  We’re still


Thunderhead is Cygnar’s OG character jack.  You don’t see him in

New PaintCast: Lord Commander Stryker

Here’s our latest stream that marks the beginning of our Epic

Part 2 of our Jonas Murdoch PaintCast

Here’s the video from the stream last night.  Thanks to everyone

Awesome synopsis of Warmachine’s main story arc

With the impending release of Reckoning, I came across this really

Cygnar Storm Lances

For once, I’m not entirely happy with a unit.  I don’t