Sons of Medusa Archive

Sons of Medusa Master of the Forge

Witness my single greatest conversion to date: a Space Marine Master

What’s on my desk: Centurions

Based and washed. These models are awesome. I’ve magged up the

Sons of Medusa Stormraven

This badboy is one of the more pleasant surprises of 6th

Sons of Medusa Tactical Marines

So here are the completed Tactical Marines for my Sons of

Sons of Medusa Tac Sergeant

Free handed the banner on whim and wanted to post it!

Sons of Medusa Master of the Forge…on a bike!

Just wanted to share how amazing this conversion is coming along.

What’s on my desk: Sons of Medusa Tacs

I’ve got Space Marine fever again!

Shoulder Pad Solution found!!

So this is amazing…I’ve been keeping kind of tight lipped about

Rusty Bases: My first attempt at dry pigments

After countlesss online tutorials, I decided to take my first crack