Thunderhead is Cygnar’s OG character jack.  You don’t see him in a lot of competitive lists because he’s so expensive, but he is most definitely a fan favorite.  I’ve played him a few times and I always have a blast! (pun fully intended)

I have to admit though; this isnt my best work.  I was coming fresh off my stormwall and picked this guy up on a whim for Nemo3.  Since the release of Dynamo, I’ve paired them as my main jack combo for 35pts versus my horde-heavy meta.  The jack has never let me down.  His paint job, on the other hand, could’ve been a lot better.

I was trying to naildown my rust technique and it just looks rough.  I tried using washes and they look exactly like a liquid form of rust running down the armor…not a slow, powdery fade.  The Cygnus on his hull looks banged up and its not intentional.  This is a full metal model and the sculpt is kind of subpar.  It took a lot of pinning and cleanup.


The colors came out nice though and the power zones look nice and hot.  The pose is a little awkward, earning him the nickname “DJ Thunder” which I refuse to call him.  All in all, an okay job.  Not my best effort on this one.thunderhead_4