Awesome synopsis of Warmachine’s main story arc

With the impending release of Reckoning, I came across this really neat, and concise synopsis of the main story arc in Warmachine since Wrath; written by a mod over at forums.  His name is DP6, and I gotta thank the guy for putting it all together.  Its a short read and the best and only “cliffs notes” version I’ve ever seen.

You can catch the thread here, but its mainly about the speculation over the a “major” character’s death in Reckoning.  I’m sure hoping it’s not Siege.  Anyway, here’s the breakdown…

The story arc starts in Wrath with Khador working to invade Point Borne.  They breach the wall and almost immediately Cryx is right behind them invading.  Haley is warned that Nemo will be assassinated in Corvis by her sister.  She leaves Point Borne, weakening the defenses there enough for Khador and then Cryx.  Haley makes it to Corvis in time to stop the assassination, but in the process gets infected with the magic consuming disease the Cryxians were going to use on Nemo.

During the invasion of Point Borne, Torch is destroyed, Strakhov fights a retreat to Irusk, Karchev is captured by Cryx.  Cygnar is held up in one quarter of the city, which Khador is held up in another and Cryx is out destroying as much as possible and capturing as many people as possible.

Meanwhile, the Protectorate is building major steam in the Northern Crusade.  They have several conflicts with Khador, but things are proceeding as normal.  Kreoss and Damiano team up to face off against a major army led by Terminus.  Harbinger, Testament, the Avatar, and several others stop a Cryxian raid on a village, gaining many converts and several new potential warcasters.

Ossyan and House Vyre show up and basically find Nyssor’s vault and take it back from the Khadorans.

Magnus is teaching Vinter’s bastard how to fight and how to be a leader.  Made him a badass sword that can penetrate a warcaster’s power field.  They steal a bunch of gold to buy an army.

Also Vinter comes out of the wastes to Saxon Orrik and works to make a deal with Feora to elevate her to the leadership of the PoM should she help out Vinter.

Next is Colossals, which takes place immediately after Wrath.  Irusk believes the only way to deal with Cryx is to ally with Cygnar.  Stryker and Blaize show up in Point Borne to join the alliance.  Missives are sent and the rest of their forces meet up with them in the Thornwood, including Stormwalls and Conquests now.  They find the Cryxian base to discover Gaspy has been waiting for them.  Between him, Deneghra, the Coven, and several others and like 6 or 7 Krakens, they route the united force.  Nightmare is smashed into bits by a Conquest, Karchev is still captured, and Kraye is heavily injured.

Butcher finally shows back up, almost kills Siege and seeks out Irusk to see if the alliance is real.

Vyros takes the credit for rescuing Nyssor, becomes the head of House Nyarr at last.  Goreshade tries to stop the Retribution, but has a back up plan by letting Vyros take everything Goreshade needs into Ios for him.  Plans are coming to fruition…

Magnus buys all the Galleons out from under Bart and Fiona.  However, he contracts them to help him out with the next stages of his plan.

Vlad now controls all of his ancestral lands as one giant duchy under Khador.  He defends it against the Northern Crusade, specifically led by Sevi and Kreoss.  He gets face to face with Sevi and they decide to continue their discussion that was supposed to happen in the Forces books.

Vengeance has Stryker getting promoted to Lord General as he finds out about 2 small cryxian forces in the southern thornwood.  Since their morale is shit, he decides to confront these forces.  Him, Blaize, Sloan, and their troops commence in.  The confront Skarre, Terminus, and Malathrax.  Skarre and Sloan disappear, while Stryker ends up destroying Terminus and capturing the athanc shard.  Blaize will accompany that down to a hidden base deep within the wrymwall mountains.  The alliance with Khador is still intact and is shaping up to be something potent should it hold.

Butcher finally shows up in the Khador camp with a severely injured Siege with him.  Irusk dresses Butcher down, putting him into place and sends him on his way.  Offers help and medical attention to Siege, knowing that he can’t just give him back to Cygnar yet.  Sorscha goes off on Butcher due to their connections via him killing her father when she was younger.  Butcher connects to his war argus and feels better.

Vlad conducts negotiations on behalf of the Queen, stretching his authority a little bit, but convinces Sevi and Kreoss to combine their forces and take the battle to Cryx as they have been preying on everyone else for too long.  Sevi agrees as long as Vlad agrees to have an official delegation from the PoM into the city of Llaedry.  Vlad reluctantly agrees.

Venethrax confronts the legion forces chasing the athanc, getting into a nasty duel with Absylonia (see exigence).

Goreshade breaks through the Iosan border undetected through necromantic means.  Pretty cool stuff from him.  He then heads to Eversael, home of the Eldritch.  He busts in on them and basically tells them they will be forced to help him get to the Thane of Scyrah where she and Nyssor sleep or else.  He is king of the eldritch now it seems.

Magnus and company take over Fellig from the Ordic army, thereby providing him a base of operations in the heart of everything.  Julius, the bastard, is training with steelhead cav currently to help keep his identity a secret.  Bart knows that Julius is a bastard, but thinks he is Magnus’s kid.

These are the high points.  I might have missed a few things here and there.  This doesn’t cover the Hordes books at this point.