Cygnar Storm Lances


For once, I’m not entirely happy with a unit.  I don’t know what happened here.  I was certainly excited to paint these guys but maybe my lack of enthusiasm for their table top use reflected in the quality of my paint job here.  It sucks because of how expensive this unit was.  $130 bucks when you figure in the bases!!!

Every time I try to play Storm Lances, I end up pausing the clock multiple times.  Heavy Cavalry rules aren’t especially difficult but they do take some practice to use.  I also hate that Storm Lances have so many damage bonuses that aren’t reflected in their profile.  I almost always forget one.


Anyway, I guess they came out okay.  I wanted to do a bunch of different horse color schemes, but they are all covered up with armor and stuff so you really can’t tell.  The poses aren’t as dynamic as they could be either.  The leader is the only one that looks like he’s in motion on the battlefield.  The whole squad should’ve been like this and the leader should’ve been upright screaming out orders or whatever.

They still look decent on the battlefield and the bases are cool.  Meh.

Cygnar_Stormlances_3 Cygnar_Stormlances_2 Cygnar_Stormlances_4