Arcane Tempest Gun Mages



There were, basically, 2 units that sold me on starting a Cygnar army; the Stormwall and these guys.  Arcane Tempest Gun Mages.  I guess I caught them on a re-sculpt because Google searches turn up some hideous old versions of them.  These figs were amazingly detailed and came out really well.

I’m still learning how to do cloth well and these guys turned out decent, but could still use some better blending.  I’ve since gotten a lot better which you all will see in my upcoming eHaley.  Once I started completing these models, the composition turned out really well.  I didn’t want the typical pure blue so I opted for denim.  I love the balance of dark leather and denim blues.  Some faces turned out great and others not so much, but the unit attachment officer’s face came out the best.  He has a middle eastern vibe that I love.  Check out some of the finer details below: