Captain Allister Caine

caineEpic Caine is, most definitely, in the Holy Trinity of Cygnar casters and rightfully so.  I’ve heard great tales of this guy being able to solo Colossals on a Feat turn.  He is the go-to assassin caster for Cygnar players.  It was only fitting that I bring this guy into the fold asap.

Embarrassingly enough, I have never even played him before.  I know, I know…is it so bad to wait till a guy is painted before you play him?  Well in this day and age, I try to get good with a guy before I sink a ton of time into a paint job.  I have so many other things in the queue that I tend to paint guys in order of importance, but I was dying for a character after completing my squad of gun mages (pics coming soon).

This guy was actually really easy to paint.  One of the best metal casts and sculpts I’ve ever seen.  No flash and perfect detail.  I mean, the face practically painted itself after a base coat and wash.  I’m still on the fence about the muzzle flashes.  The model comes with some cool pieces of muzzle flash to put on the end of the guns, which I left off.  No other models in my group have this, let alone any other model in the line.  I thought it felt out of place, but when painted right; it can look cool.  So maybe I’ll add it later.  I really loved how the weathering on his shin guard and jacket came out.  To finish him off, I put him one of my Dragonforge bases to match the rest of army and called it a day.