Sons of Medusa Stormraven


This badboy is one of the more pleasant surprises of 6th edition Space Marines.  Stormravens are now available to all chapters and the Sons have definitely been waiting to field this flyer.  In the few games I’ve played it, it has done fairly well…especially against gaunts.  The key is getting it out early from reserves where it can mow down advancing troops.  Board type is also key.  It does best on Dawn of War style boards.  With Hammer and Anvil, I find it blows by the frontline too fast.

The kit is relatively straight forward.  I actually got a really sweet deal on this kit from my local store and I had been itching to paint a large vehicle.  It’s actually been done for a while, I just haven’t had time to properly photograph it.  As you can see, it’s fully lit with LEDs on the tail, wings and cabin.  It also has a few freehanded icons on the sides and tail.  What really sells this model is the weathering.  At first I thought I went a little overboard, but it really came out nice and gets a ton of attention.  Its a point sink, but its been worth it when it has made it on to the table early enough.

som_stormraven_5As with most of this army, I magged up a lot of this model.  I turret can be configured 3 ways and the Hurricane bolters can be swapped out for regular doors.  I also magged all of the landing gear just for fun.  I didn’t take any pics but the landing skids can be attached if I ever need them.

Another defining feature of this Stormraven are the cockpit canopies.  For some reason, I always felt like seeing the pilots inside cockpits contradicted the essence of a miniature model to me.  I don’t know why it bugs me but it does.  I decided early on that I wanted a cool, tinted glass look and maybe I would try to light from the bottom and just barely see the contours of the pilot inside; like he was lit by the control panel.  I tried everything to keep it dark and transparent, but never really found anything.  I also saw the mechanicus pilot and servitor bits and quickly realized that these would come in handy in other places in a Iron Hands/Sons of Medusa army.  So I decided to black out the canopies entirely with a Black Sharpie, done on the inside of the plastic, to maintain a glossy glass-like finish on the outside.  They came out awesome and I really love the look.