Sons of Medusa Tactical Marines

som_tacs_groupSo here are the completed Tactical Marines for my Sons of Medusa Chapter.  These guys have been in production for a long time.  Probably more than a year and a half.  I picked them back up after getting into Warmachine and my Eldar for a while.  The release of the Space Marine codex got me really fired up to play some the Marine-exclusive stuff like flyers and centurions.

If you hadn’t guessed; the Sons of Medusa are a successor chapter of the Iron Hands.  I used the Iron Hands upgrade kit that GW sells, along with some custom bionics.  I really love how they turned out.  I wanted to have some kind of bionic enhancement on each guy.  The missile launcher marine is, by far, my favorite.  I took apart the servo arm and made it holding and stabilizing the launcher.  That combined with this bionic leg; I think he really personifies the theme of the army.

The sarge came out pretty cool too.  I used an old servo arm from some old school, metal servitors.  I plan to outfit all of my sergeants this way.  Kind of like they have some advanced bionics for their rank.  There are, also, some really cool uses of magnets.  I magnetized the banner on the sarge, because these always seem to snap off from use.  I also did the special weapons so that I could swap those out as needed.

I can’t wait to continue this army.  I love the colors and the theme. Look for some really cool conversions to come.