Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane


Siege is, arguably, in the top 3 of all Cygnar warcasters.  I mean, just the name alone strikes fear in the hearts of your enemies.  If they don’t know who he is, they will after they play against him.  He is a true ranged caster, augmenting the firing capability of his battlegroup while presenting his own devastating 14″ inch threat radius.  Add to that, one of the coolest feats in the game; halving the armor of all enemies inside his control area.  Siege definitely keeps the enemy on their toes and contemplating every movement.  I pulled off my first turn 2 assassination with this guy against an unknowing opponent. Sorry Tony :)


As far as the paint job goes, it came out alright.  Okay, its MY BEST PAINT JOB EVER!!!  I mean I know I say it every time, but I could not be more pleased with this dude.  There were so many firsts for me on this one.  First up, the dark skin tone.  He’s one of the rare cases of a black character and I was excited to take a shot at a different skin tone.  This was one of the main characteristics of the model, so I opted for an super dark base and work up.  I kept the eyes dark as well because the facial features were so strong.

Its also the first time I attempted an oxidized brass effect on the base.  This was a last minute idea to liven up a rather boring base.  Sometimes the quality of the model forces you to continue to blow out every aspect of the finished piece and this base was my last “tall base” that I’ve reserved for my casters.  That panel was supposed to be on the back side, but I was so happy with the patina that I put it on the front.  It’s simple and doesn’t detract from the model.

My blending was on point as well.  The armor and leathers came out perfectly shaded.  I could’ve went a little thinner on the paint, but you live and learn.  I went with super thin white coats for the first time, like everyone says to do, and it worked like a charm.  His white armor and tabard came out great.  There was a lot wet palette work on this one as well, which is a trick that I’m really starting to come around to.  Maybe I’ll do a little tutorial on it soon.  Hope you all enjoy.