Space Wolf Bikers


I just realized, I haven’t done a space wolf post in over a year.  I still love this army and play it every once in a while.  I even recently updated it with a Drop Pod.  I guess I need to post that.  Anyhow, here are my bikers, who rarely saw a lot of play time in their heyday.  I take them now purely for late-game objective taking.  They’re Blood Claw stats make them fairly unreliable when used offensively, but they make up for it in speed and equipment.  I can quickly outflank where I need a flamer or some extra hands in an assault.

I really love these models.  Once again, super converted. They look like gnarly old bikers.  I think I grabbed the heads from some Warhammer Fantasy models somewhere.  Most of the other bits came from old school scout bikers.  I love the saddle bags and leather accents.  Very space wolfy.  I also really loved how the Power Axe turned out in #4.  Its from some Ork choppas; an obvious trophy from that dude’s collection of Ork victories.  I just love the shading on it.  I have tried to duplicate that look many times and never got it as good.