Cygnar Stormblade Infantry


Well, it took me the better part of a month to complete 11 little dudes, but they are finally DONE!!!!  A complete squad of Stormblade Infantrymen with both Unit Attachments.  I’ve said it before, but for some reason, I’ve put way more time and detail into my Warmachine army.  The sculpts aren’t necessarily any better.  Maybe its because there are less guys to paint or maybe its because I’m older and appreciate it more.  I don’t know, but the Cygnar army is turning out to be my best work to date.


I loved the color combination on these guys.   The rich gold accents are perfect against the deep royal blue.  Combine that with warm leather under armor and white fabrics and you have a nice little color palette.  I had no idea how they would look with the bases and they turned out to be awesome accents.  Huge props to Jeff over at  The guy may be slow, but the quality is unrivaled.  Check them out if you’re looking for custom bases.  I snapped this pic to the right so you could get a better look.

There isn’t a ton of detail on the basic infantrymen, but the Unit Attachments were pretty cool.  First the Storm Throwers.  They carry an awesome lightning gun that makes your whole unit auto-hit ranged attacks if they score a hit.  Pretty cool.  You can take up to 3 of them and I wanted them to look pretty badass.  Unfortunately I was so tired by the end that I didn’t really change up their scheme too much.  They have these cool aprons in the back too that I slacked off on the blending.  Maybe I’ll go back and redo them.


The Officer and Bannerman came out super sweet as well.  One bummer about metal figs is the bending.  When I got the bannerman, his banner pole was completely bent 90 degrees.  Fail.  I knew I would have to cut that out and reinforce it with some heavy gauge wire.  Worked like a charm.

Next, I wanted to really set the Officer apart from the squad with his cloak.  It’s his major defining feature and I knew it had to be special.  The cloak was flat and lacked most of the detail wrinkles you see in most of the fabrics throughout the line.  I figured it was time for some free hand.  I wanted him to look like some Nobleman that led this squad of men from his local town or fiefdom.  I researched a ton, and while I’m not quite satisfied with it, it’s a decent first attempt a intricate filigree.  I was heavily inspired by Yellow One over at coolminiornot.  This guy is the fucking master of hand painted patterns.  All mine is missing is one more detail pass and it would be in decent shape.  Once again, maybe I’ll circle back.

After photographing, I’ve noticed there is a fair amount of touchup left on these guys.  Its funny how you miss that stuff, but after staring at them on my bench for the last 4 weeks, I need a break.  I’m very happy with how they turned out and I love how they all look together.  I was worried the UA’s wouldn’t fit because they are so different, but bases and the colors really tie them together nicely.  Enjoy!