Warp Spiders


There are some great stories with a lot of my old Eldar models.  These are some of the oldest.  I pulled these guys out of my old crate primed black.  I have no idea when they were primed.  Probably circa 2003.  They are actually my second squad of Warp Spiders.  The first is lost to history, although the exarch survives; which you can see below.

Everyone was surprised to see these guys didn’t get a resculpt with the new codex as these are probably the oldest in the line.  How old you ask?  Well, I discovered as I was painting them that they had “1992″ embossed on the slot-a-bases.  I was floored.  It was kind of sentimental to resurrect 20 year old models from my first 40K army ever.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t go crazy on these guys.  I think they are going to be resculpted soon and I’m sure I’ll want the new ones.  These will get plenty of play in the mean time.  Deathspinners are still sick with the new rules and keeping them lurking in the Warp really knocks opponents off their edge.  They have been game changers each time they show up.  About the paint scheme; I wanted to keep it close to the exarch and I was inspired by Dawn of War for the purple energy on the Deathspinners.  They’re still pretty cool models and one of the few metals left in my army.

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