Journeyman Warcaster

journeymanSo here’s a little wrap up for my Cygnar series.  I’m following the trend at my local gaming store where apparently the dark gods of Games Workshop have dripped their sweet honey into everyone’s ears again in the form of new codices and giant models.  I would be lying if I said I was immune to these temptations.  I have dusted off my old Eldar to wage war in the 41st millennia once more.  Look for a full feature on my plans soon.

Anyway, my beautiful Cygnar army will have to wait to be completed.  This was the final model I worked on and it may be my best yet.  The Journeyman Warcaster is minor support solo that can really augment Stryker.  He will free up valuable focus for other units by controlling his own Jack and throwing up another arcane shield were needed.


It’s a pretty cool model, but because of his minor role on the battlefield, I wasn’t too into the paint job.  I wanted to bring in some of Stryker’s copper armor on top of some armor that he may have collected on his way up the Warcaster path.  He’s not quite a full warcaster after all.  I also had fun experimenting with the mirrored chrome of his sword.  I’m getting better with my “non-metallic metal” technique, but it’s still not quite there.  I’ll keep practicing.  Some other details I love are the shading on his 5 o’clock shadow, the leather on his holster, and the gradient work on the blue armor.  It really is a tight model.


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