Ironclad Heavy Warjack



This guy has been done for a couple weeks. Ive just been slacking. I wasn’t super pumped to paint this model. After playing the game for a bit, I pretty much counted him out of future lists in favor of a Stormclad, but he’s a decent beatstick in the game. A good body guard for your caster. Anyway, I future proofed the model with magnets on the arms and head, so he can be swapped for a Defender or Cyclone if I choose. Just have to get the bits later. There’s a great video about where to mag this guy if it’s not super obvious. Check it out here:


Nothing too crazy about this guy. I went back and forth over whether or not to paint the Cygnus symbol on the door up top. I was really pleased with the highlight fade on that part, so I decided against it. I really love how the base turned out. Its probably my best one yet. All of the gradients came out awesome and I learned a lot about how to achieve the “arcane energy look” for the future.

I’m not entirely happy with the rusty shoulder pads. I wanted them to look like rusty and weathered wrought iron pads that would be swapped out between battles. Keeping the Heavy warjack identity. They kind of stand out too much and I probably should’ve went a little heavier with the powders. Like a lot my models, I just stopped with it as to not ruin it. Sometimes when a technique isn’t working I just stop while I’m still happy with the fig. Oh well, he won’t be getting much table time anyway after I get my Stormclad done!



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