Commander Stryker


So when I first picked up the Cygnar Battlebox, I wasn’t too excited about this guy.  Then I played him and saw how diverse and easy he was to play.  I couldn’t wait to finish him and get him based.  He turned out great and I’m really happy with my first character.  I painted him pretty much the same as the studio version.  I feel like I owe it to the creators of the character to be true to the original interpretation of them.  I did the same thing with my old eldar characters years ago.  I’ll add some of my own flare to the other ambiguous units of the Cygnar army.


I learned a lot about Cygnar characters with this guy.  I’m going to have to get better with my blending on fabric folds.  I also tried to use weathering powders to tatter up the ends of it and I hate it.  There are a lot of cloaks in this army and I haven’t really done them before with my 40k armies.

Also, the skin on the face could use more color depth.  The detail is there; it just looks flat to me.  I did the usual “base, ink, highlight” method  but skin tone is fickle.  I need some more green and red in the under coat.  I’ll never forget the first time I took a painting class in high school and ol’ Ms. Hightower made me paint an undercoat with complementary colors.  I figured, no one would ever see the orange and blue under all of the real colors, but those warm and cool bases somehow shine through.  I’ll try the same technique on my Black 13th.

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