I also completed and based my Lancer over the weekend.  My general feeling is that people don’t like the lancer so much, but the arc node is pretty useful and he stays alive pretty well as long as he doesn’t get ff’d. This was my first jack and I’m EXTREMELY happy with how he turned out.  I really wanted to nail the fade on the blue.  It’s something I fell in love with when I saw the studio models and I really wanted the same.  I knew if I could get that fade right, everything else would work out.

This model turned out so well, that I’m at an impasse.  Originally, I wanted my jacks to look slightly worn, but not “uncared” for.  I also wanted to add some blood to the weapons.  The idea is that this jack was brand new before a campaign and it is now a veteran of a few battles in the field.  Well, this guy turned out so well, I just don’t have the heart to add the weathering.  I plan to try out some weathering on the Charger, and if it works, I’ll add it to all of the jacks, but its so dangerous.  If you screw up the weather, your model is fucked.


My main critique with this model is how I did my metal work.  It looks a little shabby and I will definitely tighten it up.  I took these photos outside and good lighting shows a ton of imperfections, especially on the shield.  In fact, I will definitely be going back to touch of the gold.  Its kind of embarrassing.  I really need to improve the lighting of my workbench to avoid this in the future.

All in all, I think I will try some light weathering on this guy.  The smoke stacks need some soot and and the copper tank needs a little rust and stains.  Just not enough definition there.



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