charger1This guy came out pretty good.  He is my second Light Jack from the box set and pretty much the same as the lancer except for the head and arms.  I played him in a couple games and he’s okay.  He doesn’t require a ton of Focus with the Powerful Attack ability, so I will probably run him with a Journeyman Warcaster for a while until I pick up a Hunter.  I like that combo a lot.


I really like how the base turned out.  I love how the dry pigments achieve the rust look.  I will be using it a lot from here out.  I also used dry pigments to get the charred ends of the barrels and smoke stacks.  That came out awesome as well.  I only wish I did more with the hammer.  Seems like a lot of metal and pretty boring…but then again, so is that weapon’s stats so there you go.  All in all, I think my metals and golds look better on this one.  I was much more practiced with the process and controlled the inks better.

The gun came out awesome.  Once again, I followed the box on this one and I really don’t care.  The gold and the blue paint flow great with model.  I think the look is sweet and he looks great next to the Lancer.  I still don’t have the heart to add any battle damage to these guys.  I’ve really been painting well and battle damage is really tough to make look clean and part of the composition.  It can get sloppy fast.





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