Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team

blackpennyAh, the Black 13th.  Widely regarded as an “auto-include” in every Cygnar force, this unit is arguably the best bang for your buck.  At just 4 points, these guys can do it all and almost hold a whole flank on their own.  It’s a damn shame these guys were pure torture for me to paint.

I seriously wanted to gouge my eyes out about half way through.  As I’ve said before they are way under scale.  I would say they are 2/3 the size of normal Warmachine models.  The smaller scale meant every little button and pupil is that much harder to get right.  You can notice I didnt even bother with eye detail on Lynch (center).  I figured he had enough attention put on his glowing hand; which was a first for me.  I’d always seen the  ”false light source” on competition pieces and thought it would be cool to try and recreate that detail from codex artwork.

As usual, the awesome resin bases I got from came out perfect.  I opted for an orange glow to the runes to counter some of the blue on these guys.  Could’ve been a little tighter on their lines as well, but hey, they are 20mm…sue me.  Just do a google search on these guys and you will see how much fun even the best painters in the world had with them.

I’ve heard various rumors about what the hell went wrong with the sculpt on these models.  There is tons of detail in them, it’s just way too small.  The purportions are way off too.  One source told me that they were one of the first models created for the line and that the original casts shrunk after setting.  Another is that they paid a famous miniature sculpter to do them at 20mm true scale and were stuck with them after they went into production.  One can only hope that they get redone soon and restored to the glory the deserve.

Here are some more shots:


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