Checking out Warmachine


So, I know you guys have seen how hyped I’ve been over my Sons of Medusa, but a strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  A new gaming shop finally opened in our area.  I say it like they just opened but apparently they had been there a while and already had a strong crew.  I decided to go dip my toe and a play some 40K.  I get down there and find half the wall space dedicated to 40K, as usual for hobby shops, and the other half of the wall dedicated to this strange new game.

Now I have never seen any other game challenge Games Workshop in floor space before so I knew this had to be the new hotness around here.  I asked the guy and he proceeded to explain to me how big Warmachine and Hordes, or Warmahordes as some lovingly call it, had gotten.  I’m sure I’m probably the last miniature gamer to be enlightened with this product, but hey, I’ve been away for a while.  I’m sure anyone with a kid would give you an excuse like, “hey, I have a kid now.”

Point is, this game is kind of perfect for me.  It requires a much smaller investment of both time and money, and its a whole new universe to dive into.  Truthfully, I was seeing how long it took me to get a tac squad out and started quivering at the thought of putting together a 1500pt army.  I even fell in love with my space wolves a bit and may just play my old stuff for a while.  (Space Wolves are still the shit in 6th ed. btw)

I love the concept of a skirmish game and like the diversity in army compositions the game encourages.  I wasn’t completely foreign to the game.  I have heard if it through the Penny Arcade guys for a while, but just thought it was another random startup trying to take a piece of the GW pie.  I was wrong.  It’s the best competitor I’ve seen to date and I want to tip my hat to Privateer Press.  They’re making a great game AND it’s made here in the good ol’ US of A.  I like that.  I guess I’ll be taking a break on the SoM for a bit while I put together a kickass Cygnar army!  Gotta love the boys in blue.

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