Shoulder Pad Solution found!!


So this is amazing…I’ve been keeping kind of tight lipped about it because I was so skeptical, but I can finally reveal what I’m going to do about my chapter specific shoulder pads.  Since, GW and Forgeworld refuse to support the more obscure Chapters that they have even mentioned in their lore; I have been forced to go rogue.  Let’s hope the Inquisition is not monitoring this transmission.

I don’t know even remember how I came across this, but I found a dude who created a bunch of custom shoulder pads on a 3D printing web site.  I know this dark technology is forbidden from even being whispered by GW, but I couldn’t believe my luck with this option.

The guy that created these is long out of the business, but all of his models are still available from Shapeways (  I took a big leap of faith because 3D printing is still in it’s infancy and the cost was pretty steep…$30 including shipping.  I figured the risk was totally worth the reward if they worked out.

“I know this dark technology is forbidden from even being whispered by GW…”


I was freaking ecstatic when they arrived in great condition and super detail.  They were made of some sort of frosted plastic, which was tough to really see the detail in.  In my desperate hope, I went ahead and glued them in and primed them.  I was TOTALLY amazed at how great they came out.  This was the solution I was hoping for.

My only critique is the roughness of the area around the points.  It wasn’t perfectly smooth as GW’s plastic, but I don’t really give a shit.  I never would be able to paint this much detail on them by hand, and they will give this army that much more of a custom edge.  I’m so pumped!  Also, the price is as much as a box set of tacticals, but you get 20 for 30 bucks.  I’ll probably buy another batch just to cover me for a while.  Since the artist Michael is out of the commission business, I will need to create my own terminator shoulder solution, but this might be a fun side project for me.  The beauty of Shapeways is that anyone can upload 3D files to be printed.  My mind is running wild with dreams of Landraider doors, vehicle details, and banners.  Oh my!

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