Nice SoM How-to Video

Cool how-to video from Lester over at  I know it’s almost a year old now, but it came out around the time my son was born, so obviously, I missed it.  Now that I’m getting back into finishing my army, I went digging and found this.

There are a couple cool techniques I want to try with my SoMs.  Namely, doing my helmets separate and using pigments to char things up like the metals and shaded areas.   I hate painting white over my green base coat because it’s so time consuming to build up.  I also liked his use of an air brush.  I am definitely considering one.

Anyway, check out the video.  It’s full of awesome tips.  I would say his process little time consuming for me, but definitely a worthwhile method for my special models like characters and vehicles.

How to paint Sons of Medusa Space Marine by Lester Bursley

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