Weekend Update

So, I had some pretty decent progress this past weekend and wanted to share where things were going.  I modeled 3 more marines and completed the first 2.  That means I only need 3 more regular marines and then I will start the custom special weapons guy and the sarge.  There are a few lingering issues I’m trying to work out though:

  • The bases.  I wasn’t happy with the rust treatment on the first guy, so I bit the bullet and ordered some weathering pigments from MIG.  I see these everywhere and they really do produce the best results.  I may even add some rust to the legs like Brother Argos did on his Iron Hands.  It really ties the whole theme together.
  • The Chapter Badges.  After the Forgeworld open day this past weekend,  I didn’t see or hear anymore about new decals.  I really feel like this is one of those make or break things in an army.  The Chapter Badges has to look to scale and match the quality of the model.  Free-handing them produces inconsistent results, DIY transfers look okay but take some trial and error, and DIY brass etching is a little too advanced for my tastes.  Although I do think it produces the best results.
  • Shoulder trim. I feel like the shoulders might need some trim.  I’ve seen other armies do this and it really adds some extra detail to the model; my only concern is the color.  I would most likely do them black because that is my main accent color.  I want to reserve white strictly for rare cases in order to keep the white helmets popping.  If I do them black, there may be too much sporadic black and green happening all over the model.  I will keep working on the unit and see how I feel at the end.
  • Magnets.  I definitely want to do some magnet work on the sarge and special weapon marine, but I’ve never done it before.  I’ll probably order up the magnets soon and see what works.
  • My son could be born at any minute.  Seriously.  I’m kinda nervous and excited, but I might be slowing down a bit while my wife and I adjust to our new normal.

Also, I wanted to start posting my old Space Wolves in the Showcase Gallery.  Watch for posts or check out the link above.  I plan to post them as I have time because there is a lot of story behind each model.  I want to make sure and give them their due.  I also plan to put up my Eldar and Emperor’s Children in the future as well.

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