First Marine Complete

So the tester is complete. There are a few things that worked and a few that didn’t. The whole model, including base, probably took me about 4 hours. Obviously, it will get faster as I do more, but this was a pretty simple model. Im sure the more intricate models will take longer, but I’m in no rush. My plan is to do this squad of 7 tactical marines, sergeant, 2 marines with magnetized special weapon options, and a heavy weapon option.

After I laid down the lime green, I went over it with a wash of Thraka green. I’m pretty happy with this. I never really used GW washes in the past. I also just watered down my own. This actually showed up well over the lime green and I will probably slap more on in the future.

Next up was the blacks on the eagle, in the joints, and his bolter. I then moved on to the helmet. Based it with Codex Grey and started working up the white. I took about 3 coats with a wash of blue to really get it solid. I went ahead and finished out the details in the eyes and targeter.

After that, it was mostly just metals and highlights. I highlit with a lighter coat of scorpion green and did the edges with Bleached Bone. I left the shoulders plain for now because I still have no idea what I want to do with the chapter badge, but that is probably a whole other post on its own. Stay tuned.

The base is still totally experimental. I loved Brother Argos’ rusty space hulk theme and I plan to do my own take, which I will outline in a later post as well. The first one I did is pretty disappointing. I got some cool stuff coming in the future for those.

All in all, it came out pretty tight but could’ve been a lot better in my book. Hopefully I’ll work out some more kinks with the rest of the squad. Check out the next one on the bench!

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